WSTR - "Red, Green or Inbetween" (Limited Edition Colour Vinyl LP)

Release Date: 20th January 2017
Label: No Sleep Records
Territory: UK + IRE
Genre: Pop Punk

1. Featherweight
2. Footprints
3. Gobshite
4. Lonely Smiles
5. Nail The Casket
6. Eastbound & Down
7. Kings Cup
8. The Last Ride
9. Hightail
10. Penultimate
11. Punchline

“The title, ‘Red, Green Or Inbetween’ is based on being stuck in limbo or in the ‘in-between’. Amber is also the name of a significant friend of mine who most of the songs are about, so it’s a pretty sad boy record." -Sam Clifford - Vocals

Pressing Info:
- Sales notes indicate purple splatter vinyl LP.
NOTE: VINYL COLOUR TBA. Please note that although this is listed as a colour LP, we have no info on which colour we have and we receive products from retailers sealed. We do not open products before sending to customers, so we cannot confirm vinyl colour until the label gives confirmation! Final product may differ from artwork mocks.
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