VENOM PRISON - 'Animus' (Second Pressing Yellow Black Splatter Vinyl LP)

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Release Date : 17th February 2017
Label: Prosthetic Records
Territory: UK + EU
Genre: Death Metal


Surely the best new death metal to come out of the UK in long time, Prosthetic Records proudly presents the debut album ‘Animus’ from South Wales based quintet VENOM PRISON . Having first pummeled the jugular of the underground with their self-released demo “ Defy The Tyrant” in 2015, Venom Prison have continued to tear their way through the UK underground with " The Primal Chaos". Depicted as “a buzz that began as a whisper now as incessant as a swarm of wasps inches from your eardrum” (Ghost Cult), Venom Prison are in the throes of unleashing their debut full length Animus due for worldwide release on 14 October 2016 on Prosthetic Records.

Recorded by Tom Dring at Vagrant Recordings (Dragged Into Sunlight, Electric Wizard), Animus is 10 tracks of aural assaulting brutality. Led by frontwoman, L, Venom Prison tackles such subjects as social Darwinism, misogyny, rape culture and the rejection of God and religion. The artwork for Animus was created by German based legendary artist, Eliran Kantor (Testament, Sigh) who worked closely with Larissa to capture some of the themes of the album.

Pressing Info:
- Yellow Vinyl with Black Splatter, limited to just 300 copies worldwide!
NOTE: VINYL COLOUR TBA. Please note that although this is listed as a colour LP, we have no info on which colour we have and we receive products from retailers sealed. We do not open products before sending to customers, so we cannot confirm vinyl colour until the label gives confirmation!  Final product may differ from artwork mocks.
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