TRASH TALK - "Shame" (Album x2 CD)

Release Date: 2009
Label: Hassle Records
Territory: UK
Genre: Hardcore Punk


Walking Disease
1-1 F.Y.R.A.
1-2 Worthless Nights
1-3 Walking Disease
1-4 Pushed Aside
1-5 Luck
1-6 Destroy
1-7 Run Don't Walk
1-8 Dead End Road
1-9 Sacramento Is Dead
1-10 Just Die
1-11 Pain In Vain
1-12 Scatter
1-13 Babylon, CA
1-14 Flood
1-15 Manifest Destination
1-16 Lepers To Feed The Lepers
1-17 Kill The Snakes
2-1 The Hand That Feeds
2-2 Well Of Souls
2-3 Birth Plague Die
2-4 Incarnate
2-5 I Block
2-6 Dig
2-7 Onward And Upward
2-8 Immaculate Infection
2-9 Shame
2-10 All The King's Men
2-11 The Mistake
2-12 Revelation
East Of Eden
2-13 East Of Eden / Son Of A Bitch

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