THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA - "Transit Blues" (Ltd. Edition Electric Blue/Milky Clear Colored Vinyl + Download)

Release Date: 7th October 2016
Label: Rise Records
Territory: World Excluding North America
Genre: Metalcore/Deathcore

  1.  Praise Poison  
  2.  Daughter  
  3.  Worldwide  
  4.  Lock & Load  
  5.  Flyover States  
  6.  Detroit Tapes  
  7.  The Condition  
  8.  To The Key Of Evergreen  
  9.  Submersion  
  10.  Home For Grave Pt. ll  
  11.  Transit Blues  

Chicago/San Diego’s The Devil Wears Prada are no strangers to their scene. In over 11 years as a band they have sold over 765,000 albums (5 releases have sold over 100,000 copies), and have toured the world over and over, playing to sold out crowds every night. They have been able to find repeated success and clinch their spot as a household name in the metal community by capturing the energy and essence of their live shows and transferring that onto their recordings. Each album is a positive progression forward, without abandoning the melodic hooks and technical guitar riffs that fans and critics have come to expect. The Devil Wears Prada are back with ‘Transit Blues’, which includes 11 remarkable tracks that will leave you craving more. The band teamed up with producer Dan Korneff (Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens) to help craft this album. The Devil Wears Prada are on top of their game and are bringing something fresh and exciting to their fans. ‘Transit Blues’ is a solid reminder that The Devil Wears Prada are here to stay.

Pressing Info:
Electric Blue w/ Black Splatter Vinyl LP
Limited to 700

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