SUCH GOLD - "Pedestals" (Limited Edition Re-Issue Vinyl LP)

Release Date: 14th October 2016
Label: Bird Attack Records
Territory: Worldwide
Genre: Punk/Hardcore

1. Cut Rides
2. Sycamore
3. Brass Tax
4. So Close
5. Gut Rot
6. Pedestals
7. Minstrels
8. The World That You Live In
9. Scoreboard
10. Backyard

Such Gold. Are they punk? Are they hardcore? Melodic Hardcore? It's hard to put a finger on the band’s sound, pulling elements from trashy skate punk stalwarts from years past and combining that sound with technical riffs, angular chord shapes, non traditional song structures and elements from post and math rock. Taking the term 'touring band' to new levels, Such Gold are without a doubt one of the hardest working punk bands of today, usually raking in at least 11 months of a year on the road with bands such as Strung Out, PUP, The Story So Far, PEARS, Anti Flag and A Wilhelm Scream to name but a few.

Debut EP and tracks from rare splits they did before their debut LP, all the bangers!

Pressing Info:
- Standard red vinyl.

. Please note that although this is listed as a colour LP, we have no info on which colour we have and we receive products from retailers sealed. We do not open products before sending to customers, so we cannot confirm vinyl colour until the label gives confirmation! Final product may differ from artwork mocks.

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