STARKILL - 'Shadow Sleep' (Album CD)

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Release Date: 4th November 2016
Label: Prosthetic Records
Territory: Worldwide
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Some fear change while others strive on. Such was the case with melodic death metallers, Starkill, when it came time to being work on their third LP, Shadow Sleep.

Shadow Sleep is 13 tracks of melodic, majestic death metal. With Jameson’s over the top shredding and one of the tightest rhythm sections out there, it’s clear to see why they have such a loyal fanbase that supported the making of this album. Jameson further elaborates on the recording process, “we returned to Electrowerks Studio where Chuck Macak (Oceano, Letlive.) once again did the mix and drum recording and production, and Troy Glessner (August Burns Red, Devin Townsend) did the mastering. 

To Starkill, Shadow Sleep marks a new chapter for the band. A new approach to songwriting, new voices on the album and a new team behind them, the band is more invigorated than ever and ready to for whatever the future may bring.

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