sorority noise

SORORITY NOISE - Forgettable (Limited Edition Vinyl LP)

Release Date: May 6th
Label: Broken World Media/Run For Cover
Territory: Worldwide
Genre: Punk/Grunge

1. "Rory Shield"
2. "Mediocre at Best"
3. "Dirty Ickes"
4. "Nick Kwas Christmas Party"
5. "Queen Anne's Lace"
6. "Still Shrill"
7. "Blonde Hair, Black Lungs"
8. "Smooth Jazz"
9. "Smoke"

Sorority Noise's 2014 debut LP "Forgettable" saw the band rise in popularity seemingly overnight. The band went from basement shows to nationwide support of bands like Motion City Soundtrack, Modern Baseball, Knucklepuck, and Citizen within a few months time. The record immediately resonated with fans of pop punk and emo and garnered the attention of Topshelf Records to release their acclaimed sophomore effort Joy Departed. Forgettable has been out of print for a little shy of 2 years with the reissue treatment coming just in time for their continued busy touring schedule.