SKELETONWITCH - Devouring Radiant Light (Ltd Edition Vinyl LP)

Artist: Skeletonwitch
Album: Devouring Radiant Light
Release Date : July 20th 2018
Format: LP
Cat No: PROS103341
Barcode: 656191033411

Pressing Info:
Translucent Orange w/ Outer Edge Glow - 500 Copies Pressed worldwide
Clear w/ Red Splatter - 500 Copies Pressed worldwide

1. Fen of Shadows
2. When Paradise Fades
3. Temple of the Sun
4. Devouring Radiant Light
5. The Luminous Sky
6. The Vault
7. Carnarium Eternal
8. Sacred Soil

With 'Devouring Radiant Light', their fifth full-length album for Prosthetic Records, an American heavy metal institution, Skeletonwitch have succeeded where many have failed: they have reformulated their sound mid-career with dizzyingly triumphant results. 
Since their inception, Skeletonwitch have been known for blending and bending metal sub-genres. The members’ collective love of Judas Priest, classic-era Metallica and Immortal has always been worn on their sleeves and remains evident. However, it’s the band’s blacker leanings that have shifted to the forefront and altered the tenor of the through line on this latest offering. Grasping the blackened thread of “White Light” that revealed itself on their 2016 EP, The Apothic Gloom (the band’s first recording with vocalist Adam Clemans), Skeletonwitch has emerged with the eight-song, searing, soaring, burning statement of purpose: 'Devouring Radiant Light'.  The record demonstrates a band coalescing both compositionally and conceptually. 
Three of the eight tracks on 'Devouring Radiant Light' hover near the seven minute mark and a fourth nearly reaches nine minutes. This is a band cultivating new ambition.