REBEL WIZARD - "Triumph Of Gloom" (Limited Edition Burgundy & Black Swirl Vinyl LP)

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Release Date: 24th February 2017
Label: Prosthetic
Territory: Europe
Genre: Metal

1. On The Unknown Self They Weep 
2.Where We Surrender Completely To The Miserable Shaman 
3. Trampled By Wolves And Sheep 
4. Ease of Wretchedness And Wonder
5. A Spell Of Sorrow To Relieve The Curse Of Triumph 
6. Eat The Warlock 
7. Sorcerery 
8. Hemorrhage Wonders 
9. Defenders Of The Gloom

Heavy Negative Wizard Metal, The New Wave of Negative Metal
Available for the first time on LP, includes the bonus track, Defenders of Gloom. 300 pressed worldwide available on blue / burgundy / black swirl LPs. Available on CD for the first time with the unreleased bonus track, Defenders of Gloom.

"Sounding like the bastard child of the NWoBHM movement and the darkest, most cvlt-ish underground thrashy black metal band, Rebel Wizard is the real deal and Triumph of Gloom is one of 2016’s most pleasantly unpleasant surprises." - Angry Metal Guy

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burgundy / black swirl Vinyl LP
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