REAPING ASMODEIA - "Impuritize" (Album CD)

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Release Date: 24th February 2017
Label: Prosthetic Records
Territory: UK + EU
Genre: Technical Death Metal

1. The Clemency Guise 
2. Defenestration 
3. Of Talons and Teeth 
4. Hidebound 
5. Carnal Declivity 
6. Irreversible Evolution 
7. Virulent Exposure 
8. Collage of Toxins 
9. Ritual of Ignorance

Ferocious Prosthetic Records debut from Minnesota’s REAPING ASMODEIA . Much lauded US tech / extreme metal underground favourites unveil ‘ Impuritize’ for 2017.

"Technical audio madness created and performed by Minnesota's finest! Check it!" -- Alex Erian (Despised Icon).

Recommended for fans of : Despised Icon, Necrophagist, The Faceless, Veil of Maya and The Black Dahlia Murder.

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