OCEAN GROVE - "The Rhapsody Tapes" (Limited Edition Vinyl LP)

Release Date: 3rd February
Label: UNFD
Territory: UK
Genre: Nu Metal

Channeling sonics that call to mind Limp Bizkit as much as the Beastie Boys and Enter Shikari, The Rhapsody Tapes is an album that contains as many instant bangers as it does layers of complexity. Tied up into bitesized rock hits are messages of love and insanity all rendered in the most thrilling update of rock music in two decades.
Ocean Grove are not just another band; they are a collective. Emerging from the depths of Melbourne in 2010, Ocean Grove have progressively developed a distinguishable sound like no other. As one of the most talked about acts in the heavy metal world, Ocean Grove aren’t going to buy your respect, they are going to earn it.

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