NORTH - Light The Way (CD)

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Artist: NORTH
Title: Light The Way
Release Date: 18th March 2016

1. Moonswan
2. Light The Way
3. Weight of All Thoughts
4. Earthmind
5. Primal Bloom
6. Rhef Anad
7. On A Beaten Crooked Path
8. From This Soil
9. Relativity

Sprawling, epic sludge-rock rumblings from Arizona. NORTH bring a soulful doom to their upcoming album, ‘Light The Way’. A perfect balance and darkness and light, carefully crafted and will be greatly appreciated for fans of Baroness, Rosetta and Mouth Of The Architect amongst others.

Light The Way shows a path for the future. With clear heads, the strongest bond the band has ever had and appearing more focused than ever, the band’s first full length for Prosthetic Records is without a doubt their finest. Light The Way was recorded by longtime producer, Dana Fehr and mastered by Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts). With North being an ever-evolving entity, for better or for worse, over the years, the stability and attentiveness they now exist leaves the future wide open with the best yet to come. The path is lit.