MARTY FRIEDMAN - Inferno (CD Album)

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At the end of the 20th Century, few guitar virtuosi were as respected and revered as MARTY FRIEDMAN. After first rising to prominence alongside fellow six-string whiz Jason Becker in the influential band Cacophony and via his well-received solo debut "Dragon's Kiss," FRIEDMAN joined Megadeth, with whom he soon wrote and recorded the thrash landmark "Rust In Peace." His 10-year tenure with the iconic group -- during which they sold more than 10 million albums worldwide and earned multiple Grammy nominations -- saw the band's dream lineup reach its greatest heights, and FRIEDMAN's unique sonic contributions became heavy metal DNA that to this day continues to inspire new generations of metal fans.


1 Inferno 5:42
2 Resin 4:38
3 Wicked Panacea
4 Steroidhead 3:18
5 I Can't Relax 3:15
6 Meat Hook 3:36
7 Hyper Doom 1:55
8 Sociopaths 6:14
9 Lycanthrope 4:03
10 Undertow 4:22
11 Horrors 6:50
12 Inferno -Reprise- 1:56