LANDSCAPES - Modern Earth (Limited Edition Colour Vinyl LP)

Release date: April 8th 2016
Label:Pure Noise Records
Genre: Punk/Rock

"Modern Earth" is the sophomore album by British punk rock band Landscapes. Recorded in California with Sam Pura (The Story So Far, Polar Bear Club etc.) and mixed/mastered by Neil D. Kennedy (More Than Life, Creeper, Giants etc.) at The Ranch Production House in Southampton - frontman Shaun Milton says that "If [2012 debut] ‘Life Gone Wrong’s concept was about being in that moment as it all falls around you, ‘Modern Earth’ is a continuation of that story, an expansion explaining the disease of the mind, sculpting, adjusting and accepting those circumstances as it suffocates you powerless."

Track listing:
1. Mouths Of Decadence 
2. Observer 
3. Death After Life 
4. Embrace 
5. Remorser 
6. Neighbourhood 
7. Escapism
8. Aurora 
9. Radiance 
10. Transient 
11.  Heaven Ascended