KNUCKLE PUCK - "Shapeshifter" (Ltd Edition Purple Vinyl LP)

Release Date: 13th October 2017
Label: Rise Records
Territory: World excl. China
Genre: Pop/Alternative

1. Wait
2. Conduit
3. Want Me Around
4. Stuck In Our Ways
5. Everyone Lies To Me
6. Gone
7. Double Helix
8. Twist
9. Plastic Brains
10. Nervous Passenger

“Shapeshifter," the band's newest release, is sure to shatter the high expectations of both die-hard fans and critics. It's everything you love about the band: it's fast, melodic, and catchy, while their honest lyrics are relatable, as well as thought provoking. Knuckle Puck have already been making a strong name for themselves in the pop-punk world, and this album is proof that they're just getting started. “Shapeshifter" is sure to be an instant classic and a release the band's rabid fan-base have been craving.

Pressing Info:
- Standard black 12" vinyl.
NOTE: VINYL COLOUR TBA. Please note that although this is listed as a colour LP, we have no info on which colour we have and we receive products from retailers sealed. We do not open products before sending to customers, so we cannot confirm vinyl colour until the label gives confirmation! Final product may differ from artwork mocks.
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