IRON REAGAN - "Crossover Ministry" (Limited Edition Black LP vinyl + DL card"

Release Date: 3rd February 2017
Label: Relapse Records
Territory: UK and its Terr.& Poss., Ireland
Genre: Meta;/Hardcore/Punk


  1.  A Dying World  

  2.  You Never Learn  

  3.  Grim Business  

  4.  Dead With My Friends  

  5.  No Sell  

  6.  Condition Evolution  

  7.  Fuck the Neighbors  

  8.  Power of the Skull  

  9.  Crossover Ministry  

  10.  More War  

  11.  Blatant Violence  

  12.  Parents of Tomorrow  

  13.  Bleed the Fifth  

  14.  Megachurch  

  15.  Shame Spiral 

  16.  Dogsnotgods  

  17.  Eat of be Eaten  

  18.  Twist Your Fate  


Pressing Info:
- Black Vinyl plus Download Card
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