IMMOLATION - "Atonement" (Limited Edition Gatefold x2 Vinyl LP)

Release Date: 24th February 2016
Label: Nuclear Blast
Territory: UK
Genre: Death Metal

1. The Distorting Light
2. When The Jackals Come
3. Fostering The Divide
4. Rise The Heretics
5. Thrown To the Fire
6. Destructive Currents
7. Lower
8. Atonement
9. Above All
10. The Power Of Gods
11. Epiphany

2017 sees the release of the band’s tenth full length release and their third for Nuclear Blast. ‘Atonement’ is a truly defining moment for Immolation, with some of the most mournful orchestrations the band have dared to delve into, redefining themselves once again and coming out holding the torch high. An unrelenting collection of catchy, intense and darkly imaginative tracks, each song on ‘Atonement’is a testament to the pure style and creativity that makes Immolation who they are.

Each song on this record is unique and different from the next, incorporating so many of the classic Immolation elements that put this band in a league of their own when it comes to extreme metal. This is an album takes the listener on a musical journey that touches on all the extremes - the slow and heavy, the fast and savage and the dark and haunting.

‘Atonement’ is hands down the band’s best produced release in their 28 year history.
With pinpoint accuracy and violent melodic prowess and the dark lyrical content touching on the dark realities of humanity and the world we have created, the epic feel and dominating power delivered by ‘Atonement’ is sure to please all fans of metal and extreme music.

Pressing Info:
- Double vinyl is packaged in a gatefold sleeve.

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