HE IS LEGEND - "few" (Limited Edition Vinyl LP)

Release Date: 26/5/2017
Label: Spinefarm Records
Territory: UK
Genre: Southern Rock/Metalcore

1 Air Raid
2 Sand
3 Beaufort
4 Silent Gold
5 Alley Cat
6 Jordan
7 Gold Dust
8 Call Ins
9 Eastern Locust
10 Fritz The Dog
11 The Vampyre
12 The Garden 

Belief can be a powerful thing. When shared even among a small group, possibilities remain endless.
That brings us to He Is Legend’s fifth full-length offering, " few" [Spinefarm Records]. The communal faith belonging to a cadre of musicians, artists, and fans brought the collection to life. That’s why the title, a nod to Madame Helena Blavatsky’s occult treasure The Voice of the Silence, feels so cosmically apropos for the Wilmington, NC quintet.

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