DOWN TO NOTHING - 'Life On The James' (Limited Edition Vinyl LP)


Release Date: 10th September 2013
Label: Revelation Records
Territory: World
Genre: Hardcore/Punk

1.  When I Rust I Rust
2.  Dirty South
3.  Life On The James
4.  Sheffield
5.  No Leash
6.  3:24
7.  Brothers Turned Strangers
8.  Island Time
9.  Cardinal
10.  Soak It Up
11.  Fish Ain't Bitin'
12.  Draw 4

' Down To Nothing', the Richmond, VA-based hardcore band fronted by Terror/Diamond Youth's David Wood, have announced the latest addition to their sprawling discography. Revelation Records will release Life On The James on September 10, the band's first LP in five years.

With production overseen by Terror's Nick Jett, the concept revolves around the members' roots, as bassist Jared Carmen explained. "There is a level of hometown pride we've seen among all the cities we've played. The foundation of this album is something anyone can relate to, while the tracks themselves are very personal to the band."