DANCE GAVIN DANCE - 'Mothership' (Limited Edition Colour Vinyl LP)

Release Date: 7th October 2016
Label: Rise Records
Territory: World Excluding North America
Genre: Post Hardcore

1.  White 21     
2.  Young Robot     
3.  Frozen One     
4.  Flossie Dickey Bounce     
5.  Deception     
6.  Inspire The Liars     
7.  Philosopher King     
8.  Here Comes The Winner     
9.  Exposed     
10.  Betrayed By The Game     
11.  Petting Zoo Justice     
12.  Chocolate Jackalope     
13.  Man Of The Year   

Sacramento, California’s Dance Gavin Dance is a name that instantly has people talking.
One listen to any of their albums, and it’s no secret why. The band has found a way to combine elements of various genres in a way that wouldn’t seem likely for most, yet seems effortless for them.
Their unique blend of screamo, funk and experimental music makes their sound easily recognizable to many, and is what has won them loyal fans around the world.
After six full-lengths, an EP and a live album, Dance Gavin Dance are back at it again. Mothership was recorded with producer Kris Crummett ( Issues, Sleeping With Sirens) and includes 13 tracks that showcase the band on a new level, while still staying true to their roots.
This album is some of the band’s best work to date and is sure to please their existing, die-hard fans, while also intriguing new listeners. Dance Gavin Dance will be supporting this release with a U.S. headlining tour this Fall. The band may not be new to the game, but Mothership is proof that they are continuously progressing and impressing.

Pressing Info:
- Hot Pink Vinyl -  Limited to 700

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