CURSED EARTH - "Cycles Of Grief: The Complete Collection" (10" Vinyl EP)

Release Date: 20th October 2017
Label: UNFD
Territory: World
Genre: Hardcore

1. War March
2. Broken
3. Discarded
4. Sanctioned Violence
5. Violated
6. Regression
7. Rage (The Cost)
8. Regret
9. Grief
10. Exhausted
11. Eternal

Perth band Cursed Earth’s Cycles Of Grief: The Complete Collec on comprises two cri cally acclaimed EPs released earlier this year, available on CD and LP for the first me. With Cursed Earth’s signature brutal darkness, the album is wri en from the point of view of characters caught up in and torn apart by their environment and the ac ons of those responsible for shaping their lives. It is an unflinching and graphic depic on of trauma that breaches the boundaries of genera on, country, class or circumstance.

Pressing Info:
- 10" Vinyl EP
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