HOLY GRAIL - Times Of Pride & Peril (Ltd Edition Vinyl)

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Limited edition vinyl in a gatefold jacket, gatefold color poster/lyric insert & download card!

The Grail returns! “Times of Pride and Peril” was recorded with Grammy-winning producer John Spiker and features 10 tracks of solid, classic heavy metal. The album meshes the band’s definitive sound with even catchier vocals and shreddier solos while conceptually showcasing the rise and fall of a kingdom.

1. Crystal King 03:46
2. Waste Them All Away 03:47
3. Sudden Death 03:27
4. Those Who Will Remain 04:12
5. Descent Into The Maelstrom 04:23
6. Apotheosis 04:43
7. Psychomachia 03:45
8. No More Heroes 03:33
9. Pro Patria Mori 05:41
10. Black Lotus 09:33