CONVERGE - "You Fail Me Redux" (Album CD)

Release Date: 17th June 2016
Label: Epitaph
Territory: UK and its Territories and Possessions, Ireland.
Genre: Hardcore/Punk

First Light
Last Light
Black Cloud
Drop Out
Hope Street
You Fail Me
In Her Shadow
Eagles Become Vultures
Wolves At My Door
Death King
In Her Blood
Hanging Moon

“You Fail Me” from Converge is the classic follow up to their landmark “Jane Doe” full length album. Originally released in 2004, the brute force and emotional power on “You Fail Me” is unparalled. Solidifying their reign in the genre that they have defined for over two decades. Never quite content with the original mix, “You Fail Me” Redux was remixed by guitarist Kurt Ballou at his God City studios. The release was also remastered by Alan Douches (Motorhead, Mastodon), and repackaged by vocalist/artist Jacob Bannon.