ARCHITECTS - "The Here And Now" (Limited Edition Black Vinyl LP + CD)

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Release Date: 28.08.2015
Label: Century Media 
Territory: Europe
Genre: Metalcore/Rock

LP Side A
01. Day In Day Out
02. Learn To Live  
03. Delete, Rewind.  
04. Btn
05. An Open Letter To Myself 
LP Side B

01. The Blues 
02. Red Eyes 
03. Stay Young Forever
04. Heartburn
05. Year In Year Out/up And Away 

“The Here And Now” (2011) was Brighton, England quintet ARCHITECTS’ fourth album and expanded their unique trademark mix of anthemic hardcore, complex metal riffing and inimitable groove with more melodic elements to increasing commercial success and media acclaim. ARCHITECTS were unanimously hailed by media and fans as UK’s brightest hope in metal, played every renowned festival worldwide and have enriched the heavy music scene of today immensely. A modern classic that now is being released on vinyl for the first time ever including a lyric sheet and the album on CD as bonus.

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