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BEAR - "///" (Digipak CD Album + Free Digital Copy)

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Release Date: April 7th 2017
Label: Basick Records
Territory: Worldwide (excluding North America)
Genre: Math Metal


1. Blackpool
2. Hounds
3. Masks
4. Childbreaker
5. Knives Are Easy
6. The Oath
7. 7
8. Klank
9. Raw
10. Construct.Constrict
11. Adjust.Adapt


'///is BEAR’s most evocative and vitriolic album to date, comprising of eleven blistering tracks of crushingly heavy rhythms, distorted harmonies and demonic growls. If you're not yet familiar with the band, then think Meshuggah coupled with the no-nonsense aggression of The Dillinger Escape Plan and you should be half-way there to working out what this quartet are all about.

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