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A TRUST UNCLEAN - Parturition (CD)

Release Date: 2nd June 2017
Label: Basick Records
Territory: Worldwide
Genre: Death Metal

1. Parturition
2. Dominion Over Bone
3. Exonerate
4. Aeon
5. Apex
6. To Encompass and Eclipse
7. Repurposed 
8. Aetherius

First label release from UK Death Metal quintet A Trust Unclean. Since their inception but a few years ago, the band have made their mark on the UK Death Metal scene becoming quickly renown for their own brand of groovy, technical death metal with piercing and devastating vocals which is pulled off with sheer precision in their live shows. Now in 2017, the band are now back with brand new vocalist Kyle Lamb and highly skilled young drummer Noah Plant. 'Parturition', literally meaning 'childbirth, marks the beginning of a brand new chapter for the band; a re-birth. Prepare to have your face well and truly melted.

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- CD
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