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CANVAS - "Worry" (Exclusive Edition Black/White Marbled 140g Vinyl LP + Free CD)

Release Date: 6th October 2017
Label: Basick Records
Territory: UK/EU
Genre: Post Hardcore

1. Stay A While
2. Low
3. Medicate Me
4. Loveless
5. The Death Of Us
6. Hospital Beds
7. C.O.L.D
8. Haunt You
9. Awake
10. All Alone

Bands that well and truly hit you at the core - whether it's through crushing heaviness or pure emotional atmosphere - are very hard to come by nowadays. One such band is UK post-everything quintet CANVAS.
To describe Canvas' sound is difficult, but perhaps the easiest thing to say is that they play their own unique brand of emotionally charged Post-Hardcore. Not ones to shy away from getting their hands dirty within their own creations, Canvas have spent the last couple of years jumping in the van and playing shows anywhere and everywhere from clubs and houses, to garages and practice spaces. The band booked their own UK and EU shows until people started to take note. With a heavy DIY approach to their work ethos, Canvas also made a strong point on keeping everything as ‘in-house’ as possible, insistent on creating and organising as much as they could themselves.
Now, in 2017, Canvas still remain permanent believers of a ‘Do It Yourself’ attitude and approach to anything they do as a collective, however the team has grown in aid of pushing their debut full-length, 'Worry'. Due to be released via Basick Records October 6th, 'Worry' combines crashing, atmospheric waves with slabs of intricate guitar work. Add in drum work that ranges from demonic to almost delicate and tracks that ripple with poignant power, and you have the solid foundations of a brilliant post-hardcore album.

Pressing Info:
140g black/white marble effect 12” vinyl, 300gsm printed sleeve + accompanying CD
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