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'Two' is the second EP from elusive masked musical collective Sleep Token. Said to be "the mortal representatives of the ancient deity known only as ‘Sleep’", Sleep Token are led by the masked and cloaked figure appointed ‘Vessel’. Though sonically the band takes inspiration from the likes of Leprous, Agent Fresco, Bon Iver, Meshuggah and many more, their music remains almost impossible to classify in terms of genre. Soft, heavy, light and dark, 'Two' comprises of three beautifully crafted tracks that will leave you completely in awe. 'Two', which will be available for consumption July 21st via Basick, and comes as a 6-panel digipack. Designed exclusively by the band, the artwork comprises of three hand drawn sketches of the cities of Calcutta, Nazareth and Jericho (which also happen to be the names of the 3 tracks on the EP). The CDs have all been carefully wrapped by hand by the band.