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"Harbinger are leading the next generation of tech metal wizards" – Metal Hammer

Hailing from London UK, Metal band Harbinger combine a foundation of technicality, ferocious rhythm and incredibly varied vocal styles, to bring a refreshing sound to the UK metal scene. These sonic elements combined with thought provoking lyrics are the reason Harbinger are making a name for themselves in the metal, hardcore and tech-metal scenes around the country. Within the last year, Harbinger have played a whole host of support slots for bands such as Monuments and I Declare War, the highlight of which was playing to a packed out main stage at 2016’s UK Tech Fest, supporting Animals As Leaders. 
Since the resounding success of debut EP 'Paroxysm', Harbinger have teamed up with Basick for the release of their forthcoming follow up EP, 'Human Dust'. Together, with the backing of Artery Global and Imperial Music, it’s safe to say 2017 will be the year Harbinger make substantial movement in the UK metal scene!
'Human Dust' will be released 16th June 2017.

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