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Prosthetic Records proudly introduces the new album from Madison, Wisconsin’s BEREFT. A vast, adventurous album of truly epic doom metal. Atmospheric, haunting and mammoth in scope, “Lands” was recorded by Dillinger Escape Plan guitatist Kevin Antreassian in May 2016. A challenging yet rewarding album of punishing doom, that would equally find a home amongst appreciators of Neurosis and Amenra as it would doom metal diehards of Skepticism, Burning Witch and the soaring leads of early My Dying Bride…

What began as a steadfast expression of the human condition, moves forward with momentum for Madison, WI’s atmospheric doom metal band, BEREFT. Founded by Zach Johnson and Alex Linden in 2011, the band is rounded out by Cade Gentry on bass and Jerry McDougal on drums. BEREFT weave elements of doom and black metal into exhaustive, dynamic songs. Lyrically, they draw from their views on religion, politics and social injustice. It is in this spirit that they create their own style of powerful metal, unbound to any genre and fully conscious of the impression.

After a successful year of touring in support of their EP, Lost Ages (War Crime Recordings, Silent Pendulum Records), Madison, WI based BEREFT took some time off from playing shows to focus on completing their Prosthetic Records debut.
Expanding musically from Lost Ages, but keeping with their blackened doom sound, Lands brings BEREFT’s vision to life.
Writing for Lands began in earnest during the winter of 2015. In May 2016, they set into nine days of tracking with Kevin Antreassian (Dillinger Escape Plan) at Backroom Studios. “I’ve been a big Dillinger Escape Plan fan for years, so it was pretty surreal to work with Kevin.” Kadner added. “He’s a phenomenal engineer, and also the most down to earth, funny, and welcoming dude you’ll meet. The recording sessions couldn’t have gone smoother.”

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