DEATH - "Scream Bloody Gore" (Limited Edition Remastered Black Vinyl LP)

Release Date: 12th May 2017
Label: Relapse Records
Territory: UK +IRE
Genre: Death Metal/Thrash

Track Listing:
1.  Infernal Death  
2.  Zombie Ritual  
3.  Denial Of Life  
4.  Sacrificial  
5.  Mutilation  
6.  Regurgitated Guts  
7.  Baptized In Blood  
8.  Torn To Pieces  
9.  Evil Dead  
10.  Scream Bloody Gore  
11.  Beyond The Unholy Grave  
12.  Land Of No Return  

1.  Torn To Pieces  (Original Florida Session)
2.  Legion Of Doom  (Original Florida Session)
3.  Scream Bloody Gore  (Original Florida Session)
4.  Sacrificial  (Original Florida Session)
5.  Mutilation  (Original Florida Session)
6.  Land of No Return  (Original Florida Session)
7.  Baptized in Blood  (Original Florida Session)
8.  Regurgitated Guts  (Rehearsals 20-08-1986)
9.  Sacrificial  (Rehearsals 20-08-1986)
10.  Sacrificial - Take 2  (Rehearsals 20-08-1986)
11.  Torn to Pieces  (Rehearsals 20-08-1986)
12.  Do You Love Me? (Version 1 - Rehearsals 20-08-1986)
13.  Infernal Death  (Rehearsals 20-08-1986)
14.  Zombie Ritual  (Rehearsals 20-08-1986)
15.  Beyond the Unholy Grave (Rehearsals 20-08-1986)
16.  Do You Love Me? (Version 2 - Rehearsals 20-08-1986)
17.  Denial of Life  (Rehearsals 20-08-1986)

Deluxe remastered reissue of the most influential and important death metal album of all time.
Contains tons of never-before- heard recordings, extensive liner notes and super-expanded packaging!

Pressing Info:
- Re-Mastered black vinyl LP.
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