DEATHRITE - Revelation Of Chaos (Ltd Edition Vinyl LP)

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"Revelation Of Chaos" - Combining only the most feral elements of death metal, grindcore and punk, the Dresden, Germany-based quartet DEATHRITE release their brand new album worldwide via Prosthetic Records this Summer.
Already an acclaimed force upon the European underground, DEATHRITE have honed their knuckle-dragging savagery for four years now over a series of releases, including the highly praised „Into Extinction“, released through the esteemed German label Per Koro in 2013. The preliminary peak of this malign mixture is DEATHRITE’s new album „Revelation Of Chaos“.

1 Melting Skies
2 Circle Of Destruction
3 Determinate To Rot
4 Toxic Hammer
5 Mayhem Remains
6 Wrathbringer
7 Salute To Death
8 Swords And Revolt
9 Predator
10 Infernal Domination