PROTEST THE HERO - "Pacific Myth" (Album CD)

Release Date: 5th May 2017
Label: Spinefarm Records
Territory: UK
Genre: Progressive/Metal/Rock

Spontaneous, uncompromising and visually free-wheeling, skilled Canadian rockers Protest The Hero have carved an identity within the international rock & metal community that is very much their own. Since the recording of their first 7” single at the tender age of 13 to the release of latest studio album, 'Volition' (2013), via Spinefarm Records, Protest The Hero have always done things THEIR way.

Singer Rody Walker gives a precise synopsis of the core beliefs that breed such unwavering devotion from their fans around the world: “I'd love to have a lasting legacy of unflinching integrity. That we didn't play by anyone's rules other than our own and the people who care about us”.  Despite the band's devil-may-care attitude and desire to have fun, unusual for an act as musically accomplished as PTH, they are not ones to shy away from hard-hitting topics, prepared to add genuine weight and message to their 'tear-you-face-off' riffs… Pacific Myth is the fifth major release by the Canadian progressive metal band the band's fifth EP, and 11th overall release. It is the band's first release with Cam McLellan on bass and Mike Ieradi on drums.


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